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Why To Play Blackjack Online?

Blackjack is the most popular game of casino due to its amazing payouts and simple playing rules. Even, after commencement of online mode the trend of this game become immensely popular. Always remember, when you pick blackjack keep focused about winning and enjoyment. But, very few players can play the game with focused aim and fun. However, skills are also desirable if you really want to survive till the end of the game. Proficiency can be only achieved via consistent playing, learning attitude and sporting spirit.  But, learning is not possible with live casinos as they don’t give you chance to play for free.

If you are beginner and worrying about your chance of losing money then online casino is the best platform. Here, you can play via considering many options like discounts schemes, free money, casino bonus and so on. One more thing, timing is also not an issue with online casinos. You can start playing whenever you’ll feel like to.  But, you have to pick the casinos carefully as market is flooded with numerous counterfeit casinos.

Why Casino Bonus Offered?

These schemes are mainly offered by the casino owners to allure their customers.  They generally provide incentive or bonuses to their customers to join their rooms and play the games.

How You Should Initiate Playing Online?

For beginners, it’s good to initiate playing for fun and free casino money in spite of real cash as it might be risky since they don’t have much experience of this game. It’s an ideal decision to consider bonus deals and free playing options until become an extremely veteran player.

Furthermore, when you choose play blackjack online you’ll enjoy various more benefits such as play with comfort of your home, numerous playing options with immense choice, ambience alike live casinos and so on.

So if you have nothing to do but you are willing to make yourself entertained, go and play blackjack online.

Roulette in Canadian Online Casinos

Online casinos attract many players and while the majority of Canadian gamblers that visit these casino sites will be drawn to the selection of slot games that are provided, there are many other gambling options that are offered. These casino sites are also home to some of the most realistic table and card games and players who appreciate the thrills of roulette will find some stunning versions of the game. Online roulette is fun and exciting and it can offer spectacular payouts, making it one of the preferred games for many.

When entering an online casino, players will find that most of the sites will have at least two versions of roulette offered. The first is European Roulette. This is the most popular format of the game as it offers players the best chances at winning. With this game, there are just 37 spots on the wheel, which offers better odds than the other version that will be found, American Roulette.

American Roulette is a popular selection, but it should be avoided whenever European Roulette is offered. With the American version, there is another spot on the wheel, the 00. With this additional betting option the odds of the games and even the overall payouts are reduced. It is suggested that all players seek out an online casino that offers European Roulette as this game will surely offer more chances to win.

Some Canadian online casinos will also have French Roulette. This is basically the same game as European Roulette and offers similar odds. The main difference is that all betting options printed on the table are in French and there are a few different bets that can be placed. French Roulette is the least popular amongst fans of the game, but it can be found in a number of Canadian casinos online.

Another option is live dealer Roulette and this is where the true action is. With this game, players will enjoy a game of European Roulette that is played with live dealers in real time. Live dealer games are by far the most interactive and offer the most realism of all casino games played online. The best online casinos that cater to Canadian players will have this form of the game, which appeals to most experienced roulette players.

Progressive Roulette Games

Most players who think of a progressive game at a casino will immediately think of slot selections, but there are also games that can offer a progressive by playing classic table or card games. Microgaming and Playtech both offer roulette games that are linked to progressive jackpots. The Microgaming game, Roulette Royale will require a $1 side bet to be placed to be eligible for the jackpot. If a single number is called five times in a row, players who have placed this bet will be a winner. The seed jackpot for this game is set at $60,000 and will rise quickly due to the popularity of the game.

The Playtech Marvel Roulette game is one that has become quite popular and it is party of the Marvel branded games that are featured by the company. With this game, players can win the progressive jackpot after any spin of the roulette wheel, and there is no required bet amount. To win, players will have to trigger a Marvel Mystery Jackpot bonus round, where they will see 20 different squares. The goal is to click on these to reveal one of the four jackpots that can be won. Payouts are based on three matching symbols and can range from $50 to $100,000.

The main difference between these two games is how the progressive jackpots can be won. With the Microgaming game, the jackpot is won through the standard game of roulette and with the Playtech version, players will have to randomly trigger the bonus round. These jackpot features have made these two games the most popular for roulette players who are looking for added chances of winning large payouts while playing online.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to hit jackpots on either game. In fact, the jackpot for the Microgaming game has often reached $750,000 or more and there are few winners. Since the Playtech jackpots are triggered at random, there is no true average return for the game, so this is the better choice since there are multiple jackpots and no required max bet or side bet to be placed. Any player that enjoys the thrills of roulette will benefit from either game title and will quickly see why these selections have become top choices for jackpot seekers online.

Planet Casino Review

At first glance, you will realize that Planet Casino is running on excellent casino software. This is attributed by how attractive the graphics are, how information is being relayed, as well as, how the games are being transmitted. Players are always eager to check on the speed at which casino software downloads. Before I compiled this post, I made sure that I had downloaded the software. I did so from the casino’s website. Downloading the software fully and registering an account with the casino took me less than 5 minutes. All you need is fast internet and your will have things rolling your way in no time. You will have a shortcut menu on your desktop, to enable you access the casino without problems. The beauty of the software is that you can play for real money or practice. The practice options is there to assist you in sharpening your skills on that new game that you want to start playing for real money. When I am in the practice area, in most cases, I am trying out a new game waiting for the time to arrive for a new tournament.

When you first sign in as a real money player, the casino software identifies that you are new and should take advantage of their Welcome Bonus up to $750 Free. A pop up window will show on the home page of the casino advising you to visit the cashier so as to claim your bonus. In case you experience any problems, the customer representatives are always available to attend to you. you can get them via live chat, email or their toll free number. By now, I know you are wondering which software this is that offers great interface and clarity. It is planet casino’s Betonsoft software.

The software has some of the best features; to begin with, are the games. The casino has over 100 games which players can enjoy. They are in categories of Classic Slots, Video Slots, Table Games, Video Poker and other games. If you like to play games that are accompanied by tournaments, you will get this in the tournaments category. In the tournament category, you get all games that are in line for tournaments displayed. You will get full information about the tournaments, the players, as well as the prizes up for grabs. The casino is proud to have some of the best games in the industry, this is because the online casino is young and it has some of the best experts in the industry working under the hood.

Some of their splendid slot games are; Pina Nevada, Dream Wheel, Minted Sevens, Cash flow, rising sun and diamond dare among others. To make your play sessions at Planet Casino worthwhile, you get into the Loyalty program as soon as you are a real money player. In the loyalty program, there are several tiers and the higher you get, the better the prizes and you get to earn more points as you wager. When in the loyalty program, you will get 1 point for every $10 you wager in slots, Keno, three card poker, and roulette. For every $25 you wager in Baccarat you get one point. In video poker, you get a point for every $50 wagered and one point for every $100 wagered in blackjack and craps. The more points you have, the more cash you will be rewarded.

Play Slots Online

We all seek for the opportunity to play big spending little money. It is even better when we can do this without much effort. A number of online casinos games are played in such a fashion. But I looked for the easiest one, when your win doesn’t depend on your playing skills or sophisticated mathematical counting. That’s why I refused to play blackjack or poker, although these games often offer enormous jackpots of nearly a few million dollars! On the contrary, I decided to play slots online to win much doing almost nothing.

There is a whole system of how online slots jackpots work. First I paid my attention to the software, which is provided to play slots online. Usually some providers of online casinos games software are more popular than others. It means, that more people choose it to play, contributing their deposit money to progressive jackpots. Boss Media, Playtech, Microgaming and Cryptologic are listed among the biggest online casino software providers, which was a guide for me.

I am not avid for money, but look – Microgaming is known for $7 mln jackpots! This sum is huge and it proves the fact, that online slots payouts are bigger than those of real land based casinos (they are 2-3% higher). Although it works with other online casino games, the one-armed bandit attracted my attention most.

To choose the right jackpot that is about to hit, I checked its rating. It should be hot, or in positive ranking. Negative rank means that this jackpot is only waiting to hit and your chances are very small. It is necessary to pay attention to the jackpot’s value rank. Some web-sites provide value ranks up to +50.

One interesting thing about online slots jackpots is that you can play simultaneously with several slot machines, which is absolutely impossible in real casinos.

Having learned all this useful information, I got down to playing. I was well-equipped with knowledge, but Lady Luck was not on my side. Alas! I won 15 pounds, and now waiting for another jackpot to ripe.