Play Slots Online

We all seek for the opportunity to play big spending little money. It is even better when we can do this without much effort. A number of online casinos games are played in such a fashion. But I looked for the easiest one, when your win doesn’t depend on your playing skills or sophisticated mathematical counting. That’s why I refused to play blackjack or poker, although these games often offer enormous jackpots of nearly a few million dollars! On the contrary, I decided to play slots online to win much doing almost nothing.

There is a whole system of how online slots jackpots work. First I paid my attention to the software, which is provided to play slots online. Usually some providers of online casinos games software are more popular than others. It means, that more people choose it to play, contributing their deposit money to progressive jackpots. Boss Media, Playtech, Microgaming and Cryptologic are listed among the biggest online casino software providers, which was a guide for me.

I am not avid for money, but look – Microgaming is known for $7 mln jackpots! This sum is huge and it proves the fact, that online slots payouts are bigger than those of real land based casinos (they are 2-3% higher). Although it works with other online casino games, the one-armed bandit attracted my attention most.

To choose the right jackpot that is about to hit, I checked its rating. It should be hot, or in positive ranking. Negative rank means that this jackpot is only waiting to hit and your chances are very small. It is necessary to pay attention to the jackpot’s value rank. Some web-sites provide value ranks up to +50.

One interesting thing about online slots jackpots is that you can play simultaneously with several slot machines, which is absolutely impossible in real casinos.

Having learned all this useful information, I got down to playing. I was well-equipped with knowledge, but Lady Luck was not on my side. Alas! I won 15 pounds, and now waiting for another jackpot to ripe.